Upcoming Webinars

14th December 2017

Announcing our next webinar: sometime next year!

As with our events, we need to take a short break from holding any more webinars.
18th July 2017

Past webinar | Hacking the CCTR: how to make sure you’re ready for the AI revolution

Let’s try that again! Due to technical difficulties, we’re rebroadcasting our sixth free webinar, which gets a lock on a topic that has the whole world […]
7th September 2017

Past webinar | Hacking the contact centre: ​​​​​​​using Cx tools to combat attrition

Join us on Wednesday next week (13 September) as we explain how you can use customer experience (Cx) tools right now to craft an incredible agent […]

Past Webinars

26th September 2017

Webinar 5 | Hacking the CCTR: 7 omnichannel secrets to put your Cx into hyperdrive

An omnichannel implementation significantly improves the lives of contact centre agents and the experiences of their customers, but there are a few essential things that need […]
22nd May 2017

Past Webinar | Rethink the way you: set up and pay for your contact centre solution

ZaiLab’s first free online webinar examines what it takes to handle your contact centre's setup and administration by yourself. It's not nearly as onerous as you […]
22nd May 2017

Past Webinar | Rethink the way you: organise your contact centre’s people

People are the most crucial aspect of a contact centre – but they continue to be a criminally neglected aspect. There's a lot of focus on […]
22nd May 2017

Past Webinar | Rethink the way you run your outbound contact centre

In our third webinar, we dive into the pitfalls and best practices involved in running an outbound campaign. We'll cover: Predictive diallers – friend or foe? […]