7th August 2017

Fish River Canyon: ‘It makes a mark on you. And then you go forward with that mark.’

When our CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub chose to take part of the team on a hike through Namibia’s Fish River Canyon, it wasn’t for the natural […]
14th June 2017

CCMG Conference August speaker introduction

Nour Addine Ayyoub (our CEO) and Rod Jones (our brand ambassador) are giving talks at the upcoming CCMG conference. Here's what they'll have to say.
14th June 2017

A giant leap closer to Delft’s world-class contact centre

With the laying of fibre lines, Delft is transformed into a hyper-connected neighbourhood. It's a big deal for the upcoming contact centre soon to call the area […]
14th June 2017

The making of: the Delft documentary

In collaboration with a fiercely passionate and capable community organisation in Cape Town's Delft, we're putting together an utterly cutting-edge contact centre. The impact this will […]
25th May 2017

Looking back on rewarding conversation during the CCMG’s May roadshow

We had a fantastic roadshow with the CCMG, and got to meet a variety of lovely people. Here's a recap.