30th May 2017

Testimonial Tuesday: RamsayMedia on why they love ZaiConversations

RamsayMedia produces some of the finest magazines in South Africa. We're talking legendary titles such as Getaway, CAR and Popular Mechanics – so it's wouldn't be a stretch […]
7th November 2016

The first African Centurion: 100 miles of history, companionship and baked potatoes

Racewalking, man. We don’t care what you think it looks like. Walking 100 miles (161km) in 24 hours is, well, let’s put it this way: have […]
4th October 2016

3 things to know about ZaiLab’s usage-based payment system

We’re not into bragging here on Starship ZaiLab, but our brand new usage-based payment system is kinda super-great.
30th September 2016

Have we mentioned our space truck? Because look at our space truck

If you’re alive in the world today, you’ll know that traditional means of advertising are, if not dead, then at the very least the shambling reanimated […]