18th October 2017

3 omnichannel metrics for a successful implementation – and how to go about it

Measurement is a fundamental requirement for success in basically every aspect of contact centres. The same holds for omnichannel metrics.
16th October 2017

4 things you need to do to make sure you don’t mess omnichannel right up

Last week we spoke about some of the higher-level considerations involved in going omnichannel the right way. This week we’re taking a more low-level stance – […]
12th October 2017

The case for crafting a personal definition of omnichannel

Or: if you’re selling industrial equipment you might not need to be on SnapChat FYI. Remember last week how we were all ‘lol pigeons aren’t a […]
9th October 2017

Ax in the CCTR, part 4: dig into the details with a journey map

Now's when we really start to uncover what makes your agent experience tick.
4th October 2017

Wondering which channels you need for true omnichannel? These 3 don’t count

In our omnichannel-oriented world, isn't it nice to know you don't have to adopt literally every channel? There’s so much pressure these days on utilising all the […]