27th December 2017

ZaiLab case study: The link between workspace design and the bottom line

Tech companies in Silicon Valley know a little something about attracting the right people. But the secret isn’t in their recruitment strategies — it’s in their […]
8th December 2017

Ax in the CCTR, part 6: how to motivate your agents for the final push

Keeping your agents motivated around the silly season is an art in itself. We’ve covered the importance of Ax in the contact centre and armed you […]
6th December 2017

How to pull off machine learning’s quickest trick, part 1: basic linear regression

Using Google Sheets, it’s incredibly straightforward. But really that's the whole point. So we spoke a short while back about linear regression – the simplest form […]
29th November 2017

Are contact centre jobs really at risk to machine learning?

We’ve compared the pros and cons of machine learning and made a case for human connection. Now we’ll show you how to get the best of […]
15th November 2017

Here’s how you can get to grips with the millennial contact centre

People love to roll their eyes at the mere mention of millennials (we're rolling ours right now at the word 'millennials' even). But let's get real.