31st July 2017

SaaS best practices: how we set up our Agile customer success team

Customer success and Agile were destined to love one another. Here’s how we got them to date.
24th July 2017

Cx in the CCTR, part 1: start crafting your agent experience with personas

Do you want to know how to attract – and keep! – the absolute best agents possible? In this first part in our latest series, we’re […]
3rd July 2017

4 crucial practices that will help you be a tremendous team leader

You’re an outbound team leader or supervisor. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s a really difficult job. But as you already know, it can also be […]
26th June 2017

5 things you should do right now to future-proof your contact centre

A perfect storm is brewing in the land of the contact centre. You are prepared, aren't you?
19th June 2017

How to get the most out of ‘criticism’ meetings

Simple techniques will make a significant difference to your meetings.