Webinar 5 | Hacking the CCTR: 7 omnichannel secrets to put your Cx into hyperdrive

Past webinar | Hacking the contact centre: ​​​​​​​using Cx tools to combat attrition
7th September 2017
Past webinar | Hacking the CCTR: how to make sure you’re ready for the AI revolution
18th July 2017

An omnichannel implementation significantly improves the lives of contact centre agents and the experiences of their customers, but there are a few essential things that need to be addressed before even considering a new omnichannel platform.

Join us as we discuss the following strategic and procedural considerations before implementing ​​​​​​​your new omnichannel solution:

People and process

  • Industry findings on omnichannel and its effect on Cx and attrition.
  • Which channels to implement and when to do so.
  • The impact implementing omnichannel has on your staff.
  • Managing generation gaps in your workforce.


  • What your agents need to service customers in an omnichannel world.
  • Why a universal waiting room is essential for omnichannel.
  • How machine learning can help you hop channels effortlessly.

Our experts: 

  • Catherine Collins (ZaiLab product owner)
  • Philip van der Merwe (ZaiLab marketing manager)
  • Rod Jones (contact centre expert)

Time and date: 11–11:30am, Wednesday 11 October
Price: Nothing!

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