Past webinar | Hacking the contact centre: ​​​​​​​using Cx tools to combat attrition

Past Webinar | Rethink the way you: set up and pay for your contact centre solution
22nd May 2017
Webinar 5 | Hacking the CCTR: 7 omnichannel secrets to put your Cx into hyperdrive
26th September 2017

Join us on Wednesday next week (13 September) as we explain how you can use customer experience (Cx) tools right now to craft an incredible agent experience (Ax) and crush attrition flat

  • Explore common Cx tools and their benefits to you.
    • We'll take a look at three classic Cx techniques that absolutely everybody should be using.
  • Improve your agent experience by implementing powerful Ax tools.
    • Next, we'll look into how you can turn these Cx tools inward to improve the oft-neglected agent experience (which utterly fundamental to your customer experience).
  • Discover a fresh approach to routing your calls to the right agents.
    • Finally, we'll examine the role technology has to play in bringing Cx and Ax together through sophisticated routing underpinned by machine learning.

Speakers: Rogan Louwrens and Rod Jones
Host: Catherine Collins
Time and date: 11–11:30am, Wednesday 13 June
Price: Nothing!

Missed it? Watch the replay here.