Upcoming Webinar | Hacking the CCTR: how to make sure you’re ready for the AI revolution

Webinar 5 | Hacking the CCTR: 7 omnichannel secrets to put your Cx into hyperdrive
26th September 2017
The Delft equation: journeying to greatness with the Zoë Incubation Centre
18th September 2016

Our sixth free webinar gets a lock on a topic that has the whole world in its fevered grip: machine learning.

Join our squad of experts as we talk through what the field has to offer the contact centre industry – and, critically, how to be sure you can take advantage of it.

This really is one of those areas you want a head start in if you don’t want to be left in the dust.

Our experts:

  • Catherine Collins (ZaiLab product owner)
  • Fokion Natsis (ZaiLab chief sales officer)
  • Kobus van der Westhuizen (Genii Analytics)

Time and date: 11–11:30am, Wednesday 15 November
Price: Nothing!

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