Past Webinar | Rethink the way you run your outbound contact centre

4 ingenious ways to make your customers hate your company
21st May 2017
Past Webinar | Rethink the way you: organise your contact centre’s people
22nd May 2017

In our third webinar, we dive into the pitfalls and best practices involved in running an outbound campaign. We'll cover:

  • Predictive diallers – friend or foe?
  • Why a single waiting room is essential for blending.
  • How AI can change the way we sell.
  • How sentiment analytics can help figure out in 30 seconds whether a sale will close.
  • How AI will match leads with agents who have a higher probability of selling to them.

Speakers: Nour Addine Ayyoub and Rod Jones
Host: Catherine Collins
Time and date: 11–11:30am, Wednesday 16 August 2017
Price: Nothing!

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